Tactical Sports Gear


Tactical Sports Gear TSG wanted to update their current website and clean-up it's navigation. The first thing I did was research their demographic, their users, and how they currently interact with the website. Then I researched the website's current set-up and learned we needed to trim some of the pages and create the current flow [...]

Venture Church


Venture Church of Redmond Venture Church approached me to help them redesign their website. They wanted the website to have an urban feel to it. So keeping their current theme in WordPress, I dove in, fixed several broken links, laid out the content better so as to draw and keep their audience in, and improved [...]



Newsletter This is the redesigned Apogee newsletter responsive on a mobile device. We wanted to make sure the newsletter was viewable on any device since most of the demographic traveled often and could not be in front of a desktop. My process began with research first, figuring out what pages to keep/delete from the previous [...]



Flowchart One of the many things I learned at the Art Institute of Dallas was Information Architecture and the importance of laying the content out correctly on a website. Web design/development isn't just about making pretty websites, they have to be functional otherwise there's no point. You're literally wasting money if your content does not [...]