How do you do?

My name is Katie Brock and I’m freelance Web Designer/Developer currently living in Texas but open to relocating.

Everyone has a story and mine begins with a “birthday gift” to my mother.

When the internet was starting to grow back in the 90s and families starting owning personal computers after they became somewhat affordable, my father bought one for my mother as a “birthday gift” only it wasn’t really for her, it was more for all of us to “work” on.

She played Freecell and Solitaire more than any of us on that thing…well, except for me. They couldn’t pry my fingers off of it if they tried. That’s when my love affair with the web started. Since I was on it all the time surfing the web, I started getting curious as to how websites were built. Where did they come from? Where did they harness their power? All these questions I seriously needed answers to.

So one day during a break in computer class, I learned how. For some weird reason, my brain said “right click on the page”. Well I listened and right clicked with my mouse on the webpage and there it was, a link that said “View Page Source”. It was like a chorus singing “Ahhh…” in the background as I read the code. I saw what made a link, I saw where images were sourced and placed, I saw everything and it was very easy for me to understand it.

Learning code since then has been what I would deem similar to a light switch: once I see it working and how, it’s incredibly easy for me to understand. It’s weird, I know.

So now I’m a professional web developer/designer all thanks to my mother’s “birthday gift”.



Little examples by me.



A glimpse of what I can do.

This is a brief glance of the skills I’ve learned over the years through schooling and mostly experience. I’m a naturally curious person so if I don’t know how something is done, I will learn and then put it into practice.
Information Architecture/UX/UI
Adobe Creative Cloud/Sketch/WordPress
Graphic Design/Branding
Video Editing/Motion Graphics
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How can I help you?

I’m always on the computer working with my email open so it’s honestly the best way to reach me. I also have my phone next to me at all times so if you prefer texting or calling, that works too, whichever way is more comfortable for you.